Monday, October 27, 2008

Tribal Totem

Spirits of the Tribal Totem © Lloyd Pollard 1994
acrylic paint & marker on paper

First exhibited in 1995 solo show.
Burkes Picture Framing Gallery, Toronto.
First blog publication.
Limited Edition Print in Private Collection

Our individual tribes place their marks inside and
outside of each of us.

This mark is our pass into an exclusive company of traditions, rituals and beliefs
All of which provide us with the comfort, protection and knowledge of ourselves.

Spirits of the Tribal Totem bears the soul of the Great Mother,
Who eternally comforts and nurtures us throughout a lifetime.

It possesses the spirit of the Ancient Warrior,
Who screams "Death" to those who offend us, while protecting us in every experience.

Finally, Spirits of the Tribal Totem holds the essence of the sacred twin,
With their identical images reflecting and revealing their deeply buried inner knowledge of each other and therefore themselves.

A symbol of tribe should be a symbol of pride.

+ Pollard © 940921

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Man & Woman

Man & Woman © Lloyd Pollard 2000
pen & ink on paper
Published by Our Image Greeting Cards.
First blog publication.
(Original in Private collection)

Dramatic dignity.
Primal beauty.
Ancient pride.
Silent love.

Eternal bond.
Noble presence.
Endless grace.
Silent love.

Divine desire.
Passionate bond.
Sacred unity.
Silent love.

Love of a regal kind.
Love of a royal mind.

A love refined and immortalized by a friendship sublime.
A woman. A man.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Storyteller (Griot)

The Storyteller (Griot) © Lloyd Pollard c.1995
acrylic paint & marker on paper
First published in this blog.
Previously unpublished and not exhibited.
(Private collection)

Ancient knowledge carrier.
Ancient wisdom bearer.

The holder all stories.
A teller of all tales.
A seer beyond every moment.
A prophet in every age.

The maker of history.
A chronicler of births, lives and deaths.
The conjurer of gods, heroes and villains. The keeper. The conscience. The sustainer. The restorer and The healer.

lloyd pollard . October 13, 2008

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Queen . Warrior . Goddess

© Lloyd Pollard 1995
acrylic & marker on paper
First exhibited in 1995 solo show.
Burkes Picture Framing Gallery, Toronto.

In my essence you will find things unseen
Things I have always been.
Since time has come about
I have defined mystery, men and life.
In my various personnas
You have loved me, worshipped me and died for me.

My dimensions are not one -
As are your needs more than one.
My dimensions are but a glimpse of me
A glimpse beyond which many cannot stand to see.
Do not separate yourself from me, for I am not beyond you
I stand beneath your heaviest burden and within your deepest hope.

As a Queen you have seen the shadow of my authority
As a Warrior you have felt the sting of my passion and
As a Goddess you have experienced the love of my destiny.

Look upon me with your being
The being that is beyond your body and beyond your mind.

Lloyd Pollard (1995)

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